What is draught proofing?

Draught proofing refers to a number of different items and initiatives all with the sole purpose of making your home (or any other building) more energy efficient.  As the outdoor temperature begins to fall during the autumn and winter months, people tend to turn to the tried and tested ways of heating their homes.  This causes an imbalance in the external and internal temperatures (warm inside, cold outside).  It seems logical that as the temperature falls further outside it takes more energy to keep your home warm and at a constant temperature inside.  Unfortunately there is little that can be done in the first instance of getting your home up to temperature, however we can help you keep it there!

There are two main reasons that the internal temperature of your home begins to fall after the heating switches off; cold being physically blown in by the wind through gaps around and underneath doors and windows and warm high pressure air moving upwards and being replaced by cold low pressure air, again coming in/escaping through gaps.

The good news is that an inexpensive and effective set of draught proofing products can plug a large number of the gaps that can lead to loss of heat.  Without suitable draught proofing you can spend a large amount of money heating the air surrounding the outside of your home!  Rubber  seals work well in stopping draught around frames and brush strips can prevent cold air ingress under doors.

Effective draught proofing for your whole home can help you save up to 30% on your annual energy bills.  Spend a little, save a lot!


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