Weatherbar Door & Window Seal Kit

Carrier based draught seal for around door & window frames

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Product Information

Weatherbar draught proof door and window seal sets are ultimate in draught proofing.  They provide a carrier based solution for preventing cold air travelling into rooms from around doors and windows.  The plastic or aluminium section is pinned to the frame and a seal is created when the door or window closes against the rubber or pile brush section.  The item comes complete to seal one standard sized door, the set includes 2 x 2134mm and 1 x 914mm lengths (one for each side and one for the top).  There are two different seal types available; an EPDM rubber section which is best suited to sealing external doors against draught and rain (DPES) or a pile and fin seal which provides exceptional draught proofing for internal doors (DPDS).

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Fitting Instructions

Fitting Weatherbar door & window draught excluder kits is a simple and quick task.  Before starting you may need the following;  a tape measure, hammer or screw driver and junior hacksaw (or other sharp hand saw).

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